Harvest Dinner



Sold Out

Sunday, October 25th 3:30-5:30 PM

Take Out Menu


Locally raised beef, pork, and lamb marinated then grilled over a wood fire

Pita Bread

Freshly baked traditional style pita

Bulgar Salad

Organically and locally grown wheat forms the base for this bright, flavorful salad featuring a medley of Persian inspired herbs and spices.

Herb Fritatta

In the spirit of kuku sabzi, we use fresh, local eggs to create the base for this herb forward Persian style fritatta featuring a variety of seasonal greens and flavorful spices.

Apple Tart

A midwestern take on baklava, our tart features a crisp, buttery crust, walnut and pecan paste and thinly sliced apples topped with a honey glaze.

Complimentary cocktail from Pinckney Bend Distillery included with meal purchase